For Sale LTC (blue) 360dcoin

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For Sale LTC (blue) 360dcoin

Post  yashika719 on Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:11 am

For Sale LTC (blue) 360dcoin
Guns: Evil_Galil, DSR-1, Devil_Uzi, PSG-1
Secondary: Compact M945, Compact M945
Throwing: MarkII, MarkII, FlashBang, FlashBang, Smoke, Smoke
Sp : 12229
Character's: KSF, SaS, Spetsnaz, PSU, Gign, Gsg9
Kills/Deaths: 1.538
Headshots: 1k
Contact: YashikaLozada@y.c. (No Scamm)


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