Crossfire PH Ver 6.6 (No Error)

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Crossfire PH Ver 6.6 (No Error)

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:37 am

Crossfire PH Version 6.6 (No Error)
Features: AUTO ON
~ No Reload
~ No Greanade Damage

1. Download/Extract the file
2. Inject the "SndDrv" file using the provided injector
3. Press "Enter Key" Any Error Msg appear.
4. Login your ID/PW, wait until you are in the lobby.
5. Done. Happy Walling.

Coder: FireFox800/BlitZ
~Dicky of Citindo for Tutorials
~Den Jay aka "xflick13" for his Injector
~PGZ-LegendKid aka Jeff for the additional sources.

Download Link: CLICK HERE
Virus Scan:


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